Back to School Night (Virtual) - Tuesday 9/15/2020

There will be 3 virtual session options:

6:35-7:00 pm

7:05-7:30 pm

7:35-8:00 pm

Please use the link in Google Classroom to join!

(If you do not have a google email address, you may use your students email address to join).


The school schedule will be modified due to early dismissal on Tuesday 9/15 and Friday 9/18. Please see modified schedule below: (individual work for off screen time will be posted to google classroom each morning. please see google classroom)

8:40-9:19 - Morning Meeting (Whole Group)

9:21-9:51 - JR 9:53-10:23 - ZW

10:25-10:58 - Lunch

11:00-11:33 - ELA/SEL (Whole Group)

11:35-12:08 - Specials

12:10-12:43 - RS

12:44-1:17 - NF

1:17 - dismissal

Class Information

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!


Virtual Schedule:

8:40-9:13am:        Morning Meeting

9:15-9:48am:         ELA

9:50-10:23am:       ELA

10:25-10:58am:    Lunch

11:00-11:33am:    Math

11:35-12:08:            Specials

12:10-12:43:            SEL

12:45-1:15:             Math

1:25-2:25:               Student Support (scheduled by the teacher)

2:25-2:55:               Parent Support (see how to sign up, below)



Specials Schedule:

Monday: World Languages/Computers

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Physical Education

Friday: Physical Education

Contact Information

E-mail Me:

Classroom Updates & Inportant Information: (invite only was sent to your email)

Schedule a Parent Meeting:

Google Classroom

Every student now has an email address!

Email: (ex:

Password: Abc12345 (Capital A)

*This is also the way to log on to their chromebook!*


How to get to their email:

1. Open up Google Chrome

2. Type '' in the web browser 

3. Use their email & password to login


How to get to Google Classroom:

In there email there will be an invite to Google Classroom. Follow the directions in this email. 


Direct Link to our Google Classroom "Ms. Everett's Class 20-21":


Clever is a central location for other academic resources we will be utilizing. 


How to log on to Clever:

1. Go to

2. Click on login with google using student email and password